Lösungen: Simple past oder present perfect?


  1. I was young.
  2. You had green hair.
  3. He wanted to go to Italy.
  4. We sang.
  5. They flew home.



  1. You didn’t come home last night.
  2. He was at the dentist‘s last week.
  3. You were in Scottland last year, weren’t you?
  4. I closed the window a minute ago.
  5. Where was he yesterday?



  1. He has danced.
  2. I have walked.
  3. We have read a lot.
  4. They have been loud.
  5. You have known.



  1. Have you been to China?
  2. The parcel has arrived.
  3. Have you seen my book?
  4. Has he eaten (yet)?
  5. Have you heard…?



  1. I came home late last night.
  2. He has just closed the window.
  3. She has broken her leg.
  4. Last week, she fell down the stairs and broke her leg.
  5. I have known him for years.
  6. We have lived (oder: have been living) in this house for three years.
  7. He has never liked him.
  8. We bought a new car last year.
  9. We have bought a new car!
  10. He met her yesterday.

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